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My name is Audrius Dzikevičius. I celebrate my birthdays on the 16th of April, so I'm an Aries.

I live in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. After graduating high school I was admitted at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Business Management Faculty. In 1999 I received a bachelor's diploma in management. In 2001 I was awarded with masters' degree in Management and received diploma with honours. Now I continue my studies in Economics as a doctorate student.

I work as an analyst of financial markets at Lithuanian Agricultural Bank.

It is hard to find some spare time for my hobbies, since I'm very busy these years. But I like reading, traveling, walking in the woods, nature-watching and many other things. Most of all I like thinking, deep philosophical thinking. I try to answer main questions on the human Being, I want to reveal the secreats of the Universe, the biggest secret of them, I believe, is a Man. Several years ago I started to practice yoga (asanas). This is an amazing system of personal development. But this system is not for everyone. Actually, there are many Ways for personal development. I'm sure that every Man has to find his or her own Way. Ways never cross.


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